Friday, January 30, 2015


Ok some new music... 'Mark E has a vivid imagination, and everyone knows it. This is his first offering for the ESP Institute'... or so it says on the center of his new 12" for the label. Everyone knows Mark E, that is certainly true; for awhile, in the early days of the Edit scene, he was king of the land. Later he stepped things up and took to creating fantastic original material and then just recently he's been turning out major heat (again!) with his E-Versions series for his own label Merc. That's the short story, he's a prolific beast and keeping up with him requires sharp eyes. Everyone knows ESP Institute also have a vivid imagination and by now you know the label for some of the finest, genre bending, experimental, original and mesmerizingly beautiful new 'dance' music released in the last few years. (eeeeu!! sorry the term 'Dance Music' gives me the creeps). Thus it is very exciting to hear Mark putting fresh beats through the esteemed ESP, and he's clearly channeling bespoke and frankly mezmerizingly beautiful new music with them. It's not like his other stuff, is what i'm saying... Well i mean it is and it isn't... Never mind, you're going to feel lifted and enchanted and entranced (careful! ed.) and blissed out by at least one of the tracks off this 12" on a dancefloor pretty shortly... The snippets below are really a tiny taste of the almost mathematical rapture present in both these beauties... keep an eye out girls and boys and don't say i didnt warn you... (mid Feb release date)

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