Tuesday, February 03, 2015

the speed of sound

It's kind of strange that i've never posted a track by Alan Hawkshaw on anoe, he's easily one of my favourite Library Music composers and producers. It's almost impossible to fathom how much music Hawkshaw has created and again it's almost impossible to imagine how one man can have consistently produced music of such high quality. There really are so many wonderful pieces by this guy, and so many records of his i wish to own. Of course he worked mostly for KPM but he also did music for Themes International, Bruton, Music de Wolfe, XS Records, Music House and many others. His hit making Disco outfit Love de Luxe had a number 1 on the Billboard charts with 'Here Comes That Sound'; he's worked with Bowie, Madeline Bell, Donna Summer, Alec R Costadinos (on 'Love & Kisses') and many others, he's also played in at least 6 or 7 bands. Personally i would love to read a highly detailed biography on his life and music.

Anyway... off the Bruton classic 'High Adventure', the astounding 'Speed of Sound'...

alan hawkshaw - the speed of sound

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