Thursday, February 05, 2015

down down down

Delroy Edwards is the mutherf*ckin man!! Seriously! If you like mid tempo sliced n diced beats that distort and flow like sweet sweet cream in a 70's porn flick; and you love funky crunchy cassette cut Soul loops, fat fried Boogie bits and Prince and J Dilla and 2pac and Dam Funk and... , then Delroy has your mutherf*ckin number. Mr Edwards does next generation Dilla and then some, on his Slowed Down Funk tapes for LA Club Resources, all three volumes of which can be found here. Delroy is amazingly talented; he worked as an intern at A1 Records and then with Ron Morelli behind the scenes at Long Island Electrical Systems (aka L.I.E.S.), he's also released 3 EP's through the latter, all 3 of which are mad good (though quiet different from the Slowed Down Funk tapes). It blows my mind that he's quiet young, extremely versatile and over flowing with the flow... Anyway... check the man out. Delroy's Bobby Caldwell cut up (below), is deceptively simple and offers not much insight into the complex hybrids and slo mo potions that make up his 3 volumes of genius, but it's looping in my head tonight and perhaps that is the whole point??? Caldwell's 1978 debut album is equally  jammed to the brim with heat, but the lesser played 'Down for the Third Time' always gets me in the right spot.

delroy edwards - down 4 tha 3rd time

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