Monday, July 24, 2006

Until The Morning

Blackstar Tokyo put this track out a little while back on Innervisons/Sonar Collective and I simply cant stop playing it. If you are a Larry Heard fan then this simple midtempo number is for you. Rich Medina provides a superb inspiring spoken word vocal, but its the bursts of female vocals which emphasise the title that really do it for me, reminding one of Larry's R'nb period or even the backing vocalists on some of George Bensons work. A late night groover for sure and the kind of simple clean track without gimicks that will remain timeless. Its probably still available so get your hands on this and if u havent already the entire Innervisions serries is certainly worthy of your attention.
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Scholar said...

Chris---The blog is off to a great the title and the music you've chosen so far. I will definitely visit again, and I'll link you in my next post to send a few readers your way. Best of luck.