Thursday, August 24, 2006

Found Object

When it comes to French house (or any 'house' for that matter, but lets try sticking with the French for now), the scene has gone from strength to strength, reinventing itself with a shiny new coat every year that passes, but one thing remains the same (ok a few things remain the same) and that's how new electronic acts look to and steal from the past. All the lovely new electro ska punk acid disco dance beats have some great music from the past in their mix, the older I get the more I know 'new' is not that easily achieved? Its completely acceptable ofcourse; the finding, upgrading, sampling, ripping, re-writing, re-playing or editing of a track or sound kinda pays homage to those who pioneered the music in the first place and its hardly contentious anymore. If its done well it can pull u into a place where time and space collide, where nostalgia is futuristic and the future unfolds backwards (or something like that). Readymade is one of those French artists who started releasing tracks in the early 90's, Jean-Philippe Verdin never really hit the big time like Daft Punk, Sinclar, Dimitri from Paris, Air or the like, his music initially fell into the post Saint Germain sound but there was always a little more to it, a unique underground quality which played with deep house and sometimes drum & bass. Today's first track is by Readymade, it's called 'Drum's Unlimited' which pinches the main hook from Herbie Hancock's 'Tell me a Bedtime Story', our second post for the day. Both are very nice, though the Herbie really does take the prize, ofcourse. I may post some of Readymade's other tracks in the future to give u an idea of why I think the man has a thing of his own going and is worth hunting down, also u can find any of his releases on Monsieur Garnier's very good Fcom label.

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