Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friday Classics #2

I had a read through some of my earlier posts (I've been going just over a month now - wooohooo!!!!) and discovered I tend to use the word's 'brilliant' and 'awesome' and 'excellent' rather a lot, but if u like the kinds of things I'm posting u might use 'em too right? I really am trying to stick to posting things I like a lot and not to just hand over second-rate music or exactly the sort of tracks u might find on other really good blogs elsewhere. The idea is if u like the tracks in general, you'll know its worth downloading something even if you have no idea what I'm banging on about... so onto today's rather eclectic Another Night On Earth Classics. I cant really add to the already available info on Bob James, the man has been sampled a ton and for good reason. 'Spunky' was ofcourse sampled by Moodyman on his 'Shades for Jae' monster and 'Nautilus' is probably his most pinched from item. I've put up 'Winchester Lady', a track from his third album on CTI ( a big favorite of mine) back in 1976, check those spacey keys out people. Secondly I've given up a track by Larry McGee Revolution called 'The Burg', a really fantastic disco soul groover which celebrates the city of Pittsburgh. The track has, in recent times, gained much popularity, some 30 years after its initial rather mediocre reception. I've posted the re-pressed and re-edited version from Fat Camp available on Licorice Soul (actually I think its pretty much sold out and wont get another pressing, so here's your chance to own it). Last up is the Peter Black edit of Talking Heads' 'I Zimbra', a rocking chanting bit of afroish disco not disco, which will fire up your dancefloor. So 3 tracks that couldn't be more different really, as always go buy some music to make up for your shameless downloading, it may even ease the massive guilt I feel posting some of these gems.

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