Saturday, August 19, 2006

Motorbass 3

Jack at Pound for Pound has given up much space and time to uploading some delicious french fare over the past months, spotlighting many of the scene's bigger names like Daft Punk, genius Sebastien Tellier, Mr Oizo, aswell as artists from the Kitsune label & more. So i figured I'd footnote his posts with a little bit of history and one of my favourite French combo's. Back in 1996 Philippe Zdar & Etienne De Crecy, under the name Motorbass put out an awesome and still very listenable/danceable album called 'Pansoul', before they respectively moved on to work as Cassius & Superdiscount amongst nuemerous other projects. The album is packed with still fresh futuristic sounds, blending Hip Hop (a kick back from previously producing La Funk Mob), pounding Detroit and Chicago influenced dancefloor grooves, and mesmerizing spaced out samples and keys. If u dont have this album, go and hunt it down, its the sound of the future back in '96 and now for that matter. I'm posting three tracks from the album, though id love to just hand over the whole thing, but i wont.

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