Monday, August 14, 2006

Ghost Mountain

This ones very very special, I really don't know much about it, but its undeniably pretty awesome. Kiyoshi Yamaya's 'Osorezan (Ghost Mountain)' is from 1975, it features the very traditional Japanese sound of a Koto, a horizontal harp type instrument which is plucked with finger extensions as I understand, weaving in and out of a wonderful, warm, rumbling jazz drum and bass bedding. Its the sound of the east flirting with the west, where many Japanese contemporary musicians have avoided their roots in this perhaps 'obvious' way, Mr Yamaya binds them into a massive jazz dance classic. Nippon Columbia released it. I urge u all to give it a listen.

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muffinass said...

any chance you could re-up this?

thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

do you have any of KIYOSHI YAMAYA albums?