Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tropical Heat

Gilles Petterson's 'Back in Brazil' double cd is pretty damn good, I could post pretty much anything from it and you'd probably enjoy it as much as me, but i decided on the Zero DB track because a. I love these guys so much and b. It's the perfect tropical heat wave kinda groove we here in SA need as its freezing cold, it even looked like it might snow in Johannesburg this afternoon which is a mighty rare thing. Zero DB are Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock their 2000 debut release was the jazz stormer 'Come Party' , a track that still sits in the back of my box and gets a play at clubs every now and then. This song with Heidi Vogel is a sure fire club classic, if u frequent places where decent eclectic music is played, not just the current electro/minimal/fidget house thing (kinda a bit of a yawn for me, don't get me wrong - im all for it, but mix it up boys this linear souless too hip kinda thing gets a bit dull). So check this track out and go buy 'Back in Brazil' - its a really good buy from Ether Records.

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