Friday, August 04, 2006

Doctors Orders

When it comes to Ron Trent & Chez Damiers' Prescription Records most people choose the brilliant and original 'Morning Factory', a true deep house classic if ever there was one, as the labels defining moment. Truth is there are certainly a good number of really top class tracks put out by this long gone Chicago based establishment. Ofcourse it is well documented that the two parted ways because of creative differences. Since I havent really posted any real deep house on my blog yet, i thought id start with this Ron Trent produced number released by Slip 'n Slide back in 1995 as part of their overview of Prescription Records. 'I Feel The Rhythm' is one of my favorites by Ron and it captures the wonderful warm mood of deep house on the rise. I plan to post a lot more deep house over the next few months, mixed in with all the other genre's i love. Oh and for those of u struggling with the rapidshare uploads, i plan to switch over to something better soon.

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