Friday, September 22, 2006

Blacker Than ....

Another week just shot by and I didn't get much chance to come up here and hand over some tunes - sorry about that. Anyway I decided to give Friday Classics a break this week, I had some great things to post for it, but there has been some incredible newish stuff playing on the office system all week, so I thought I'd share a bit of that. Though its not new, it is to me - released earlier this year Marc Mac's Hip Hop Jazz album 'Visioneers - Dirty Old Hip Hop' is just killing me, I actually struggled to take it out of the cd player to make room for something else and just kept playing it over and over all week. Marc, maybe better known for his part in 4 Hero, is a remarkable producer, with this album he puts the Jazz back into Hip Hop and in doing so pays much respect to J Dilla, Jazzy Jeff and Pete Rock. Those of you that know it, know how good it is, those of u that don't, its on BBE and check out 'Run for Cover' for a burning taster of what the albums like. Honestly there is only one mediocre track on the wole album. Just give all that Kanye West stuff a break and check out where the real talent lies.

Another great album is Fat Freddy's Drop's 'Based On a True Story', a true modern Funk Soul Dub Hop masterpiece with the absolutely awesome vocal talents of Joe Dukie. This smoldering rootsy New Zealand bunch are amongst the best dub band you will ever hear. Their latest single 'Cay's Crays' from the album has just got the remix treatment from Vadim and One Self, u get the latter which is available on Kartel, download it, but go buy this life affirming album if you haven't already, if you have go buy one for your best friend.

Last up is 'Greifswalder Strabe' from Deep Child on Future Classic. I'm not sure if this Australian producer's album 'Lifetime' is out around the world yet, but its one of the best things i heard all year. His glitchy deep house sound could be placed somewhere between Mathew Herbert & Jimpster, its techier and full of classic soul hooks with mesmerizing vocals from various people. There is a ton of that deep space sound i go in for in a big way, and I have no doubt that this talented guy is gonna be around for years to come producing underground electronica of emense quality. He does some great Illustration work too, check out or for a taste of the man's depth of sound and vision. I heard that the vinyl is only coming out later in the year, i been itching for it soooo bad..... itch itch.

marc mac - run for cover
fat freddy's drop - cay's crays (one self remix edit)
deep child - greifswalder strabe

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any chance of any more marc mac?