Saturday, September 30, 2006

Crue-L is so Kind

Crue-L Orchestra have produced some really fantastic Disco over the years, its not always easy to get your hands on, usually coming at a price being that they're from Japan and do limited pressings released only in their territory. I found this great summer track a few years back, with a Harvey edit on it, going for real cheap in a second hand record store and felt blessed to have it. It was released on Disorient in 1998 and was later put on one of their compilations which is where u get it from. Apparently it contains extensive use of a sample from Favourite Marine's 'Time Moves On', anyone have it? Yeah I thought not.

1 comment:

loli said...

it's really a pleasant music, good rythme, a little fun in the air, i like it! thanks for sharing your music with us!