Sunday, October 01, 2006

Incase U Havent Heard it...

Patrice Rushen is ofcourse well known for her big hit 'Forget Me Not', a track that is probably overplayed, over used and ofcourse murdered by that Smith man. But the truth is Patrice is an exceptional keyboardist, song writer and vocalist. I heard Mr Parrish (that's like the third time I mentioned him in the last few days on this Blog) drop this in one of his sets and it send me into a total spin. I had also heard another older house track which pinched massive slabs from this, but at that time knew nothing about Ms Rushen. John Hall, the infamous dj at 'Save the Robots', identified it for me and ever since, it gets many plays without me ever growing tired of it. Ofcourse Patrice has done many albums, some of them Jazz, some of them more boogie based, I urge u to investigate her, if u haven't already. So here is 'Haven't U Heard', pure gold!!!

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loli said...

waaa trop cool l'instrumental, oups :P thanks for this song. so full of joy, happiness in this songs ^^
thanks for it!