Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sweet & Sour

Phil Asher is a big deal on the Deep House/Jazz House & Broken Beats scene's, he has produced some pretty incredible stuff over the last 15 or more years, his Restless Soul band are always worth checking out as were the early volumes of the Jazz in The House series on Slip 'n Slide. About two years ago he dropped a solo album under the name Focus called 'Sweet & Sour' on Versatile Records, its a genre hopping, blend of styles which is simultaneously experimental in the extreme and extremely listenable/danceable. I rate this in my top twenty albums of all time, not that I actually have a top twenty of all time, I cant imagine the mind melt that would cause. Anyway the title track from it is an excellent cranky broken beats track which successfully combines sweet, spacey neo soul, broken beats, helium jazz, alien repeating vocals and an angular techno punk'ish stab... um struggling for words here. Check it out, its pretty unique and is a dynamite groover.

Seiji (Bugz in The Attic) created a similar sort of shouty and exquisite piece of originality with his remix of Dom Um Ramao's 'Lake of Perseverance', which has a cut up, 'Mu hexing in Brazil' styled vocal from Ithamara Koorax with a pounding beats and bass, dance frenzy inducing vibe. I dont know the original, so I can't say exactly how much of it is here in this punchy take. Broken Beats can be very bland to say the least, but here, in the case of these two songs, another kind of crazy, ritualistic, trance inducing and yet beautiful noise works its way into the beats. Don't get me wrong I love jazzier Broken Beats, but this stuff really pushes the boundaries and as far as electronica goes, couldn't be more individual.

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Darren said...

Thanks for the Phil Asher info. I too have been following Phil for a while now and have been lucky enough to catch him live at Neighbourhood in Nottinghill. Top night.

Anyhow, thanks for the ref. The link to the tune didn't work for m e though, so I did not get to sample Phil's magic