Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This Is How We Used To Do It

When House music first took South Africa by storm, local dj's used to slow everything down, real slow (45's at 33 or -8), creating a new genre called 'Slow Jams' (no not like an R'nB slow jam), it was extremely popular and to some degree influenced our local Kwaito scene. I'll pop up a few examples of the kind of thing I mean sometime soon. Back in 1994 Strictly Rhythm put out a compilation called 'The Deep & Slow', which was around the time the Slow Jam thing here was kind of fizzling a little, listening to it today I realised how many of the tracks have dated terribly or seem so thin by today's standards, but somehow this title track by Ray Castoldi still hooks me in with its simple progressions and submerged, deep keys - not at all the usual fare from Strictly back then and a real slow jam for some slow hip pumpin moves. I used to call this kind of thing Shuffle House, there was a great venue for this kind of thing located in what is now the most dangerous part of our city, I spend many nights there, the tempo never got any faster than this, somehow it was just so intense and very very sexy.

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