Saturday, October 07, 2006

Plug: One

It's been a bit quiet around here; I just had a Birthday which was fantastic and I have been working my butt off on a number of projects. So back to the music.... 'Plug' is a new 3 track mini feature on one artist and begins here with a tiny slice of some of the really wonderful work of prolific producer Bruno Hovart aka Patchworks, Porkswatch, Cinnamone, Evergreen, The Dynamics and Metropolitan Jazz Affair. Ofcourse his most well known moniker is Patchworks and it's live band equivelant Patchworks Ginger X Press, it's through this outlet that I personally know his work well, which ranges from quality deep house to Rare Groove & Disco to Soul & Latin, Funk & Dub. U can find many of his 12" releases & remixes under this name on Q:Tape (France) and Still Music (Chicago), with a full album on its way. His Porkswatch handle is also very worthy, where Hovart does a bit more minimal dancier/space disco sort of things and his track 'Minotaur' is a very worthy item to have. Here u get the early Latin workout 'Batucamore' (Q Tape), his live band's brilliant cover of Cymande's 'Brothers On The Slide' (Still Music) and a remix of Crusho's very jazzy 'Kool Bavaria' (Q Tape). The tracks I have posted here are quiet mellow, but this Lyon man is also known to go in for Detroity stuff . U need to hear more.

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