Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Classic #3

Another Night On Earth Classics is back, which means another week just shot by. I see traffic is up a little here, thanks to a few mentions from some very kind and wonderful bloggers out there (thanks guys). Today's tracks are once again absolute head spinners in my mind. First up is a deep space disco essential by Powerline called 'double journey', it's got dubbed out piano flourishes which send tingles down my back, a sweet soulful hook, some lovely cowbells and a great funky bassline, space is the place baby! The track is pure gold for me and was released on Prelude, I just saw a copy of the original 12" going for $70 on ebay, anyone care to buy it for me. More Afro sh*t for my second post. 'Black Voices' from Tony Allen is not your typical Afro kind of number, it's dubby, dark, moody and reminds one a bit of Tricky, but its waaaay cooler. It was also produced by french dubmeister Doctor L who masterfully flips the heavy echo vibes on all the track's parts. Mr Allen was ofcourse Fela Kuti's drummer for many years, his beats and songs push the boundaries on the whole Afrobeat movement and his best album is 'Homecooking', in my opinion, which features amongst others Mr Albarn from Gorrilaz and Blur. Wrasse Records has most of his catalogue and I urge u to step outside of your cultural arena to investigate his genius. Last up is South African born Letta Mbulu with a track written and produced by Hugh Masekella called 'What is Wrong with Groovin'. It is an absolute classic soul jazz number and those of u who are familiar with Giles Petterson, will know it already as the man used it as a bit of a theme track for many years. Do yourself a favour and check it out, you'll love the 'oh oh seven' Bond reference and its infectious will to groove. Meanwhile its 'Spring Day' in sunny South Africa, at last.

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Steve said...

Thanks so much for the songs! I was curious if there was any particular reason for using Rapidshare? The limits they place on downloading suck, even if songs are stored for however long.

Anyway, not to bust your chops. Keep up the good work!

christopher keyz said...

Hey Steve. Thanks for the comments, I guess at this point, having the tracks up for as long possible was part of the consideration, as I'm trying to build an audience. But u are not the first to moan about rapidshare, i have planned to switch to something better soon, I considered Yousendit, though i really dont like it much. Let me know if u had trouble with an individual track that u might want from me, I'd gladly send it to u. Very Nice Blog BTW.