Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Return of the King or The New King of Techno

King Britt has over the years done some great hip hop and deep house, his new concept album on Compost called "The Nova Dream Sequence" is a beautiful meandering exploration of bleeps, beeps, beats and cosmic or maybe even sci-fi electronica. Undoubtedly paying homage to Carl Craig and other motor city techno talent, King goes futuristic, deep, dark and pretty damn moody. I hear touches of Holgar Czukay in the mix, along with visionary voices and shades of modern minimalism. Sure it comes as a bit of a surprise, but its very accomplished which is typical of this Philly man. Though I've only listened to the album a few times 'Dream 7', really grabs my attention with its simmering acid grind, stormy touches and sweeping epic deep keys. Its hard to say that this album breaks any boundaries, each track follows a pretty standard formulae of building up from clean spaces to dense aural places, it is really what he does within that framework that is unique, Britt creates a sound of his own which is at once fresh and complex but also, like many 70's concept albums, it has an underlying apocalyptic sense of its world and attempts to make some sense of its vision. "The Nova Dream Sequence" opens up more with every listen, its a very worthy buy from this very talented man - Sunday's are excellent days for browsing in record stores, so go drop some cash on it.


crybo said...

Ah, you can't beat a nice slice of electronica!

christopher keyz said...

indeed, and this one's real nice