Monday, September 04, 2006

Eclectic Storm

Thanks To Phat Jack (one of SA's great dj's), I got a quick loan of some really great new music. Amongst the lot was the new eclectic compilation by Boozoo Bajou called 'Juke Joint II' out on K7. It's absolutely brilliant, easily one of the best releases of its type this year, nearly every track is on the money. Traveling deftly from Soul to Funk to Dub to Reggae to Folk Pop to glitchy Downtempo and more. I really get off on Dj's and comps that cut it up style-wise, eclecticism is the new punk, just as grave robbin' and using tracks from the past have been over recent years, know what I mean? Anyway this cd is so jammed with gems, its been a real headlock trying to decide what to post from it. I've decided to go with the opening track which is Boozoo Bajou's edit of Tony Joe White's 70's cover of the classic Brook Benton number 'Rainy Night in Georgia'. Honestly it doesn't give you any real clue of what's to follow but it does as far as quality is concerned and its a lovely dubby sort of edit.
K7 right! now go get it!

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