Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Burning down the House

Beatfanatic aka Southside Connection aka Richie Lion aka Jazzconductor aka Southside Break Crew aka Soul Disciple aka The Disciples aka Beatconductor is ofcourse Swedish producer Ture Sjoberg, a man who likes to cut up and edit Hip Hop, House, Disco, Soul, Funk, Latin & Reggae beats from deep in the crates, where delicious hooks and breaks lie forgotten. Sjoberg has unearthed some really great tracks, but he's had a go at some pretty unlikely stuff too, take his incredible rework of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' for example; it just rocked in a real Kingston style, a way that was never gonna happen with the big money behind the original. Recently he put out 'Beats Cut Out, Played Back and Souled' on his own Dicey Records, its a really great collection of edits of Hip Hop, Soul, R'nB & Reggae. While I'm a fan, I really don't know enough about Hip Hop to say who half the originals are by or where most of the samples come from, but this sh*t is just off the hook! One of the albums monster Soul Hop edits is his hot, hot, slice and dice take on EPMD's 'I'm Housin'. On Fire!

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