Thursday, September 07, 2006

Diminished: To make less or cause to appear less

Kruder & Dorfmeister's G Stone label just put out Vienna based producer Stereotyp's newest album 'Keepin' Me', a mix of moody and 'micro-detailed' bass heavy beats which range in tempo. Stefan Moerth, is an obsessive man who apparently spends most of his life in the studio (occupied by several cats and a dog), expertly creating his unique blend of dubbyness, R'nB, Rap and Spacey Soul. It is really tough applying these generalised categories onto his music, which is Spacek-ish, sometimes pretty hardcore, dense and often broody. The man's smokin some serious sh*t for sure. 'Take the Weight', with vocals written and sung by Cesar Sampson, is a pulsating mid tempo dub side with shades of Basic Channel-like minimalism, it is also one of the album's lighter moments. Still very deep though. I like, very much, the synergy of the stripped down style and its lyrical content. The album also features an incredible funereal soul love song called 'Fool for You' with vocals from Hubert Tubbs, yes him of Tower of Power. It was my first choice to put up here, but I figured 'Take the Weight' was far more contemporary and would appeal more to those who visit A.N.O.E. Guess I must be getting soft.

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