Thursday, September 07, 2006

Friday Classics #4

Today's Another Night On Earth Classics aka Friday Classics are all about the edits. There's been a lot of discussion on boards and blogs about the whole rise of the Disco Edit, but honestly it's just popular right now, it's been going on for years and will go on for many more. I rekcon it's popularity is, in part, due to the media's idea that it somehow follows on from the whole mash up frenzy from a few years back. In essence its not unlike the idea of sampling in the first place, just extended a whole lot, besides it gives a dj the opportunity to play out some real classics with remastered sound quality, sometimes quantized beats and modernised degree's of flare. I'm all for it. First up is edit meister Moxie with a heavy disco rework of a Brenda and the Tabulators track ( I know nothing about the original - sorry- anyone??), which blows up the floor every time I've dropped it. It probably featured on many blogs when it came out - like I care if I repeat stuff here. If so, here it is again, I rekcon its unmissable. The second post is by much discussed Detroit man Theo Parrish from his own disco, soul & funk edit series 'Ugly Edits', this untitled track from an unknown artist (ofcourse Theo knows) is from no5 in the series. Its a midtempo Soul Jazz cut up which is very simple and very effective, perfect for the kind of sunny days we're havin' here in Africa. Last up is the re-edit of the edit of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' by Beatconductor, aptly re-titled 'Crazy in Kingston', which as I mentioned in a previous post takes the girl to Jamaica via a burning, skankin' smoke down. The whole thing is really interesting considering the Beyonce original steals heavily from a very delicious crate find, I don't remember the name of the original track but I heard it on a Theo Parrish mix for French station Radio Nova, which is available on the net somewhere for downloading. Enjoy em, for those of you who like this sort of thing.


crybo said...

You can't beat a bit of Theo Parrish, liked the crazy in love track also. I've got a nice re-edit by Red Astaire of Erykah Badu's On and On (not the version that was on the wedding mix)that I will be posting in a future compilation. So keep your eyes peeled. As ever keep up the good work.

christopher keyz said...

Crybo, Theo just about always does it for me. Yeah I'll definatley keep em peeled for the Miss Badu edit, I love that women and had the privelage of seeing her stage dive at her first ever concert in Africa. Common stood at the side of the stage with an incredibly concerned look on his face. thanks as always for the support.