Friday, September 08, 2006

Bonus Track 001

OK here's the deal, Bonus Track is a new occasional feature of this blog, wherein I post one of my absolute ultimate tracks for an unknown limited time period, for those of you who come here regularly. These tracks go above and beyond the Friday Classics series and into a class of their own, kind of like a 'Desert Island' list, but probably more like a 'Mars Musts' list. Get It? Interested? Ok so today's Bonus Track comes from man of the moment Lindstrom, it's a nightmare trying to keep up with his frequent output, especially out here in Africa, I mean it's not like the local record store stocks the stuff... 'Lind who???' is the usual kind of response from inept store clerks. Anyway, I nearly creamed myself when this rare-ish Japanese only release arrived in my post back in early 2005, I had ordered it but never expected it to arrive. When I put it on the turntable I actually shook with anticipation. Violent Group is a fantastic track, but the Disco Version really does it for me, the main glitterball, synth hook is just the right side of cheesy and I simply love the way Lindstrom filters it down to a jazzy Azymuth-like break in the middle, I also do my nut for the live sounding, loose dubbed out effects improved ontop as the track moves on. I have no idea how popular this track was at the time, my guess is not very, it came out on the very excellent Outergaze which as I mentioned is Japanese. Download it fast, this post will not last long and keep your eyes peeled for the next Bonus Track posting. I'm also thinking of starting a hidden post series of extremely rare items which you'll have to dig around for just like in those dusty stores. Let me know what u think of this track.

link has been removed - and with only 8 downloads, lucky punters!


Steve said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I'll be dropping this at a party next week for sure.

christopher keyz said...

pleasure Steve, watch the floor go off!!!! Every single time i play it, the place goes wild!!! oh and thanks for the Matmos interview, very cool that u spoke to them, they just blow my mind.

Steve said...

I always enjoying talking to groups I'm enjoy; I think the piece and I get more out of it.

And thanks for the link. I have you linked on my other blog.