Saturday, September 09, 2006

Deep Space Man

Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician makes sparse, deep & spacey hip hop beats. I'm still trying to get into his recent album 'Afterthought', on Japanese label Libyus Music, don't get me wrong it's good, but my expectations were very very high given his previous album 'Lightweight Heavy' which was originally released on another great Japanese label Dimid. 'Lightweight Heavy' is the perfect descriptor for his style of hip hop and as albums go is one of my favorites, its easy and deep, light and trippy and pretty timeless or out of time or something. The tracks are all short but more than meaty enough and it's excellent 'music for sex' if u go in for mellow sensual stuff to accompany such activities, sometimes The Stooges works too. 'Afterthought' has fewer hooks and more arcane samples, it certainly is required listening if you're a fan and apparently his other recent album as Maurice Galactica really does the trick, if anyone has it please please let me have a track or two or atleast tell me what u think of it. Ofcourse Jon is also a part of Five Deez who have themselves produced a number of really great tracks. I decided to post something of 'Lightweight Heavy' for those of u who don't know it, or didn't get it, though I read somewhere it did finally see a US release last year sometime. 'You are...' is one of Jon's greatest tracks by far, deep 'n soulful, lush and universal. check it out

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