Friday, October 27, 2006

Holdin' Out

There's no Friday Classics this week, just a few tracks I wanted to drop on you to start the weekend off. Bristol based producer Ben Westbeech put out this really lovely track called 'Good Today' on Giles Petterson's new Brownswood Recordings Label, it was in fact the label's first release from what I can tell. Ben is a classically trained musician (Cello, Piano, Voice) who has taken his talents into the dance music arena and brought his unique methods into the mix. 'Good Today' has some great lyrics which are simultaneously optimistic and broody, sung beautifully with real soul by Ben himself. They are fused, in this Osunlade version, onto a touch of Detroity deepness with a really catchy groove. The label is as can be predicted putting out some excellent music, check 'em out on and you'll find Ben's new album out there pretty soon.

The second track for the day, is from truly one of my favorite producers Beatfanatic (u already know that right???). This one comes from his awesome album 'The Gospel According To Beatfanatic', when it came out in 2005, it's the track I honed in on like a bee to a beautiful shiny sweet disco flower, and I'm still playing it to death, trying hard to see it fade but there is no holding this one down. It rollerskates along, tumbles, picks itself up again, covered in honey and drives it's soul monster samples right into my heart, singing - 'I can see the light'. Ok u get it, I like it! Don't skip this one folks, if u don't know it. The rest of the album is really very very good too, my vinyl copy came with 5 unnamed extra white label tracks which are also top notch and I'll be giving u a peace of that one of these days. So here is 'Holdin' Out' available on Soundscape Records, some stores still have a few copies and is essential to own, hear me? - essential, go and buy it today!

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