Thursday, October 26, 2006

Valencia Deep

This 12" has been getting a lot of play from me on my Radio show, both sides actually (no irony intended as my show's called Both Sides Now), I'm giving you the deep soulful gospel tinged b-side 'Edit 5 Gospel' and it's by W&B Hgg, out on the very new Valencia based label Cornuta Sound. Apparently there are a few producers there who are shaping up to be the new leaders of a Spanish avant garde. Now this track and the also great A-side are not really cutting edge, I mean they are not some new fangled electro/ disco/ glitch/ dubstep hybrid, infact they are no more than quality deep house. That said, when deep house gets it right like this, then I'm a happy punter. I love music that pushes the boundaries and am even an avid Wire reader, if u must know, but the way i see it is Deep House is really just like Disco or even Jazz, it's never going to dissapear for very long or at all for that matter and when its good, its great. Larry Heard and Charles Webster have been giving the A-side a lot of love, but this edit has such a great sampled vocal in it and its got a little cosmic depth to it, basically a late night groover for ya on this late thursday evening - can u dig it? (oh by the way there seems to be a little distortion on it, it ain't me babe, its all there, and this post was meant for thursday night but blogger was down.)

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