Sunday, November 05, 2006


Dj Mehdi's 'Lucky Boy' album is out now on Ed Banger Records and it's a top rocking hybrid of electro/ hip hop/ disco gear with that French fried filtered funk vibe brought right up to date for your dancing pleasure. I've seen a fair number of blogs putting up stuff of Mehdi's, but in truth, apart from his 'I am Somebody' track I wasnt exactly feeling it, until i heard the album in full, as it was designed, then i realised that most other bloggers have been choosing, i want to say obvious tracks, but that would diminish their accomplished value, maybe i just mean those tracks that stand out as commercialy accesible or current, because elsewhere on this album things get twisted and spacey in very sophisticated and underground ways. There's an incredible variety of sources cleverly and more importantly groove inducingly fused into the 14 tracks here; I'm hearing The Time, Prince, Motorbass, Cassius, Detroity stuff, Moroder, Kraftwerk, Arthur Russel, Cut Copy, Morricone & much much more. The tracks i wasn't feeling come together very nicely here on the album, all working cohesively to create a great night out kind of ear busting and hip shakin' album. U get the crazy mixed up 'Saharian Break' - electro world music is the next big thing - nah only kidding, this is more like breakdancing, surrounded by fields of burning oil. Anyone else think i've lost it?

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cakou31 said...

wooo! really really great! i love your track! hope i could find the album! what a travel with a such intensity :))
thanks a lot for it!