Saturday, November 04, 2006


Sorry about the wait for music, all's good and back to normal at A.N.O.E. and to make up for it, I've decided to hand over two very limited edition new essential tracks. A little while ago I posted a track by Kool DJ Dust, if u didn't get it u missed out big time. Since then we've actually become friends and I can say he's a really charming guy, aswell as being extremely talented. Along with his buddy Samo, he put out this very Kool number called 'Blot Luft' under the name Over the Hill on Peekaboo's subsidiary label Body to Body. It's the sort of airy mid tempo track that bumps along with delicate twists and details of jazz, electronica, soul and beauty, I'm very excited about it. It's exactly the sort of track that reminds me why I like music so much, it's understated warm soulful loop makes me think of when I first discovered the 'Give 'em Enough Dope volume 1' compilation which I played daily for a year. So keep your eyes peeled for this new label, I believe they will be showing us a thing or two.

Since I'm right on this man's vibe, I thought I'd hand over another new release by Kool DJ Dust, this one's off his new album of space disco edits called 'The Disco Opera'. Ok its not Opera, don't worry about that, Daniel took his whole summer off, not going to the beach and hanging out with friends to rather masterfully edit some unknown and hard to find disco items. I haven't been able to get my hands on the full album yet, but did get promo'd the 12" with 3 fantastic numbers on it. I'd give u all three, but that would just be unfair, I mean he's gotta eat, right? 'Comintogetcha' is on the money for me, it's sweet souled out disco which will be getting some heavy rotation from me. DO NOT SKIP THIS TRACK! and check out the label High Feelings for Prog Rock, Disco, Electronica and more. Kool DJ Dust in the house, can u dig it??? I can and do. Get down!!! Oh leave him a message here, come on people, show your love...

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cakou31 said...

waaaa really cool! fresh! and pleasant ^^ thanks for this track :D