Monday, November 20, 2006

Late Night Love from Detroit

Some soothing, deep space, Detroit soul for ya on this Monday night designed to alleviate and elevate in an old skool deep house kinda way, brought to you from Jeff Pilon on Moods and Grooves Records. 'Level 7' has got some really lovely late night synth work, slightly introverted and simultaneously optimistic, with a great little vocal sample that makes me think of some of the really early Nervous Records stuff. U can find this track on an EP called 'These New Cats From Detroit' released last year, all four of the tracks are great. Ofcourse Moods and Grooves have put out releases from amongst others, Alton Miller, Pirahna Head, Theo Parrish, Rick Wade, Boo Williams, Tajeda, Kenny Dixon Jnr and many other top class producers.

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