Sunday, November 19, 2006

Necessary Mood Antidote

A little while back I posted a track off Japanese born Rondendion's first ep, here's one off his second. A little breezy moodymanesque soul disco called ' A Necessary One For Me' which can be found on Chicago's Still Music. It's just the sort of thing I wanna be grooving to today. Rondenion has got an album coming up pretty soon also on Still, I'm pretty sure it is going to be an essential buy and am hoping it will topple the Soulphiction album as the years best, though I'm not sure if its gonna make it out before the year ends. Damn! Does anyone else feel like this year just shot by at uncanny rate - where did it go?????


cakou31 said...

it's pretty cool that you know so many artists! thanks to you i have a pur journey in the fabulous world of music!

thanks again for every track you share with us ^^

i've already buy albums of various artists that you had presented, so sincerely thanks for your web site!!!

ps : sorry for my bad english :P

christopher keyz said...

hey Cakou, u sincerely made my day and I am so pleased u are buying some of the music recomended here on ANOE. I have so much more to share, so expect lots more interesting things to come. I am truly delighted to add to your musical journey. Chris