Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Night on Earth

"The smartest playlist in town gets an additional dose of groove know how this Saturday Night as Unsound System's regular rhythm pilot Dexterity is joined by Chris Keyz. With his extensive tastes and expansive record box. Chris Keyz is the perfect bonus beat provider for a night quickly eclipsing all others in terms of irregular flavor, intelligent funk and volatile flow. Expect a master-class 6 hour assemblage encompassing dirty prett 12"s, slamming left field tracks and tricked-out electronic time bombs."
So that's where I was last night. I must say I hadn't been there on this particular night before, so I chose records pretty blindly and discovered, atleast in the first hour I played that while people were dancing they weren't exactly getting what I was on about. I chose a lot of of really leftfield stuff, but not too weird like Pepe Bradock's mix of Candi Staton, Oizo's oldie 'Last night...', some new Tajeda, Lindstrom etc. I just cant remember half the things I played actually. Into the second hour, the dancers really started to get it and I flipped on the eclectic stuff, dropping Prince's 'Controversy', some New Order, some Talking Heads, more Lindstrom, some Disco, that awesome Chemical Brothers remix of Kylie's 'Slow', Man Parrish & more, basically the place was going fucking nutso. Normally I play much deeper and a lot more soulful ofcourse, which is what I'm known for, but when in Rome... Dexterity followed with some great stuff, it was less leftfield, which surprised me a bit, he has an incredible collection and always drops great things. The other night I play at is shutting down, which is kind of sad, we have one more night in early December then it's done. So I'm gonna be getting on to organize something new, something where I get to push the things I really love. Johannesburg's nightlife has really died a horrible slow death, people are jaded and afraid (who can blame them) and the venue's make no effort to go for quality, 'rave for the kids' and 'hardbag for the queens', soulful groovers would rather sit infront of the telly watching re-runs of Little Britain ( I love it too ofcourse). Fortunately I still have my radio show and these days it goes across the whole of africa.

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