Saturday, November 18, 2006

Funky Dread

Gamm is one of those labels that gets a lot of discussion, since they release mostly edits of great tracks by great artists without paying much attention to the original tracks copyrights, in other words the original artist's don't get asked and get no cash. It's a white label thing but with a label, I guess. Personally I don't mind all that much and prefer not to think about it, since many of the edits are truly fantastic. Probably the most well known of which is the truly inspired Tangoterje (Tod Terje) edit of Micheal Jackson's 'I Can't Help It', Giles rated it, I rate it, I even still play it, so go figure, it must be 'genius'. Today's track comes from who knows who and where originally, and I have no idea if its mashed up or simply edited but 'Dreadfunk' by Palov & Mishkin (who???), is exactly as its name suggests a friendly blend of dub and funk - I like it.

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