Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Super Dub

I don't really know too much about Swimmingpool except that they are Michael Scheibenreiter from Phoneheads and Stefan Schwander aka Antonelli electr. & Repeat Orchestra and that they are signed to Combination Records. I recently got their latest 12" with today's track 'Last Night' on it, which is reggaefied and remixed by Supermax who also added the vocals to the number, it took him a year apparently to hand the track back. Actually the 12" has such quality & diversity giving u three tracks which would work on different dancefloors. Their previous 12" found favor with the minimal scene and this one will have tech and deep house listeners smiling, that said 'Last Night', though verging on pop, in that typical Supermax seemingly superficial way, is working for me, just at the moment. It's got techno touches and a great bump & grind bass & beat. I'll be getting back to more discerning stuff shortly, in the meantime this is just for the fun of it.

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Anonymous said...

another great cut. you have been really exposing me to a type of music i wouldnt usually lilsten to. nice work, keep it up!