Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Right Stuff

Last Night was the final Pink Moloko of the year and very possibly the last one ever. We decided on a little Disco theme to entertain the usual clones, dykes, crazy girls, geeky dancers, afro-heads, fahionista's, indie boys, druggies and dj's, (Nu stuff mostly and zero overplayed tired old gay hits right) but we didn't exactly stick to it in a major way. I played for a couple of hours then went back to back with Phat Jack for another hour or more, after which he took over. It was a gas gas gas and people had a good time which is the main thing, even if there were a couple of crack heads begging us to 'go real hard man' or 'drop some ragga', yeah as if. We played all over the spectrum and did actually drop some hard monsters amongst the gems. I'd venture to say Jack was the perfect man for the job, since many of our guest dj's prior to last night just didn't cut it. I mean its a tough crowd, not in the usual discerning sense, but rather their general desire for cheesy house or bad electro isn't exactly the kind of thing we've been trying to do. My thing is bringing back quality to this gay night, abolishing queerbag, muscle house and rainbow remixes of pink people's soppy icon's that have infiltrated the gay clubs over the last ten years, while still keeping things in party mode. Anyhow last night was packed and really jumped like crazy and maybe, just maybe the club owners could see that and might do the right thing and offer us a chance to keep pushing forward. In the meantime I have an idea that a new club owner who was in the house might just be offering me a new spot to play in....

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