Thursday, December 07, 2006


One of the years best albums by far is the absolutely brilliant 'Made in Menorca' by Rekid aka Radio Slave aka Matt Edwards aka Quiet Village. Normally as Radio Slave you'll find this man doing remixes for Moby, Kylie, Pet Shop Boys, Jamelia and even Kate Bush, damn good remixes mind but as Rekid, Matt takes things into a territory that's altogether more underground. This album is pure robot soul; icy, abstract, intense and beautiful. Matt takes from many electronic styles, stripping them down and comes up with an album that's arresting and unique. After many listens I'm still finding it compelling and revealing, plus many of the tracks have a kind of slo-mo disco backbone. Matt literally ventures forth into the unknown dubbed out nether regions of outer spaceyness and I wouldn't be the first to say there's a bit of Theo Parrish & Carl Craig in the mix, but Mr Edwards is really doing his own thing creating palpable futurism and textural bliss with these and other influences. I'm gonna be highlighting tracks from what I consider to be album's of the year over the next month or so and 'Lost Star6' will give u some idea of what I'm on about if u haven't already invested in this Soul Jazz release. When it came out, I guess I took notice of the fact that not too many of the ultra hip bloggers out there uploaded track's from 'Made in Menorca', a small fact that made me keen to add to its presence on the net. Actually I'm already itching for the next album.....

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