Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Classics #7

The last Friday Classics I did here on A.N.O.E. was in late October, so we're pretty overdue for some classic crate diggin', so here is number 7 in the series and today's focus is once again all about new edits of oldies, so in fact i didn't have to crate dig for these at all.

Love Unlimited's 'Move Me No Mountain' is unquestionably one of my all time favorite tracks, it's 'tell it like it is' sentiment and sweet soul disco moves make it pretty close to perfect in my opinion. This lovely edit comes from the unknown producers of the Re-Edit series of 12's which extends the intro and mid-section into a subtly looped orchestral affair. There is a little noise on this pressing which annoys me a lot, but i guess the edit is made off a vinyl copy and sadly not the original tapes, its pretty genius tho. (Crybo, this should have been on your wedding mix dude... which reminds me... ahem!)

Magic Edit Allstars are another bunch of mysterious disco and funk editors who revive this downright funky piece of dance floor fun, titled 'Funk Matter' on their fourth release. I just have no idea who the original is by, but it's a phat slice of popping disco funk dub with a touch of punky attitude in the mix, just a touch mind, kinda Ian Dury meets the Idjut Boys, or something like that. It's very much worth the download and the guys at
Dilated Choonz just re-upped another track from the same series as part of their birthday post, go get it.

DJ Almost has unearthed some great 80's funk disco for re-editing and put out the results on D-Classics. Once again I have no idea who the original is by but this track 'Beats Heavy' is a cool slice of slick pfunk'ish groove made for dancing and while it's beats are indeed 'heavy' it's the early electro disco keys that get my hips moving. Space is a funky place.

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