Sunday, December 10, 2006


I recently got re-united with a very good buddy, I haven't seen in years. Weirdly someone mentioned to him that Another Night on Earth was worth checking out on a Dj History Forum and my buddy Chris realised it had to be mine and contacted me. Truly great, odd and proof that there are no coincidences. Anyway I met up with him this afternoon and spend half the day discussing 'Disco' amongst other things, obviously a major passion of both of ours. He seems to know a lot of my favorite bloggers and artists personally and has some great music in his collection. In fact i have asked him to occasionally contribute to A.N.O.E. and trust me it's gonna be a real treat. Anyway on to today's post. Chris Lent me a 3 cd collection called Soul Culture available through Sony/BMG, they are truly great, jammed with a very fine selection of inspiring things from a wide range of artists like Gil Scott-Herron, Chocolate Milk, The Main Ingredient, Breakwater, Niteflyte, The New Birth and many many more. Thing is the track selection is not obvious at all, not really a big hits sort of thing, but kind of unearthed numbers which were hidden on good albums and overshadowed by bigger tracks. The collection is very eclectic and takes in Rare Grooves, Northen Soul, Latin, Funk, Jazz and even Folk, all with a soul bent attitude. I suggest fans of this site and such genre's step out and buy them, all three actually, there is hardly a dud in site.

I decided to give up two of the tracks from the series. Firstly The Youngblood's 'Sunlight' which is a California, sun drenched folk number with a sweet soulful hook by this bunch of New Yorkers. The Youngbloods were the in house band at the famous Cafe Au Go Go and had a top ten hit with a cover of Jefferson Airplane's 'Get Together' after it had been used in a Public Service TV ad. There's not a lot of folk on these comp's but this track is too beautiful to miss and is off volume 3 of the series also called 'Elevate Our Minds'

Ned Doheny's 'To Prove My Love' is the other track I wanted to feature as its a real soulful groover which gained major popularity in the UK, in fact i can remember an Acid Jazz band cover of the song which I loved at the time, but my memory fails me now and I can't remember who did the version. Ned is also very well known as the writer of Tata Vega's huge hit 'Give it up for Love', A.N.O.E. regulars will know how much i dig the original and the two great edits of the track by Dimitri from Paris and the Jisco Music crew. 'To Prove My Love' is a sure fire classic for late night groovers and lovers alike, with a very classy diamond polish production which has shades of the best of Steely Dan about it. A little Sunday night cruisin for ya peeps.


Steve said...

Nice to hear of people reconnecting. And thanks for the Youngbloods tune, I'm sure it'll rip!

Makrugaik said...

So you liked those discs then? I ended up buying a bunch of stuff later on Sunday, including going back to that other place and buying some of their overpriced items. But I got Atom Heart Mother for ten bucks at the other place and a cool Fania All-Stars record with Steve Winwood on it. Fab. I keep hearing Janet's Together Again playing in my head after reading this post.

christopher keyz said...

I loved the cd's, really good, packed with goodies. I knew u were gonna go back to the stores, I mean how can one resist buying vinyl, I can't when presented with real choices, even if the prices seem a bit mad. Funny re: 'Janet's Together Again'. BTW Gino Soccio's 'Face to Face' is awesome, cant thank you enough for the vinyl's, I'll have to post something off it soon. The other one's interesting too, but doesnt have the pure boogie factor of 'Face to Face' and such a good pressing too. see u around buddy.