Monday, December 11, 2006


When the whole broken beats thing started up, it seemed to me to be really exciting, possibly revolutionary, certainly something new, even if new can really only mean a new way of processing the old. Now that the scene has been going quiet awhile, it seems to have settled down a little or even a lot depending on your views, almost as if it has become a lot more predictable, which is to be expected. That said there are always going to be artists working within any genre doing things that push and pull at the boundaries, sometimes really radically, causing fractured fragments to grow roots and develop into new musical forms. Today's two posts represent very different ends of the genre, both are kind of newer takes and developments of the organic Nu Jazz'ish, Soul, Funk, fire of West London's original Bruk Sound.

Circus are from Austria and infuse this Broken Beats number 'I Know U' with Electro Old Skool synths that will rock any discerning crowd and features London based mc & vocalist Lyric L and Mc Motet. Lyrical L of course featured on that great Seji anthem 'Loose Lips'. The track is available through Sunshine Enterprises who have been putting out some really fantastic tunes lately and has an awesome remix of their track 'Signs' by Inverse Cinematics on the flip.

Just One is Justin Chapman, one half of Atlanta deep house outfit Kemetic Just. He just put out his debut solo album on the great Neroli called 'Love Music' and it's jammed with his take on Hip Hop and Broken Beats and is one of my favorite albums of the year. Just One's music is very deep and spacey, very organic and futuristic. I love his beats which are complex and often sound a little offbeat until they start to make sense in the scheme of the given track. On 'Inbetween', one of the album's highlights Rich Medina steps in to do one of his insightful spoken word monologues over some wonderful modern shuffling far out grooves. The Album also features System 22, Kevin Hyman, Malena Perez, DJ Emerald, Dj Kemit and others, it's a real grower with a very deep soul.

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