Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great Triangle Incident

Cro-Magnon just dropped their latest ep on Jazzy Sport with no less than four eclectic Fusion Disco & Rock items on it. The way I see it, this is absolutely essential, all the tracks here are great; 'Riding the Storm' is a real rocker of note, with blissful synthy edges and a catchy but minimal vocal. 'La Fusion' is a live sounding, instrumental, sunshine, Balearic'ish, Jazz jam that has more than a touch of a burning summer day about it. Nice hooks and pretty classic sounding to these ears. 'Take Me Higher' is a slice of modern jacking Chicago styled House with a few unusual sounds thrown in, actually it's a monster, if a little short. If you don't know this Japanese outfit, their 2006 self titled album is also a winner with some House, some Disco and lots of deep jams on it. I'm giving you 'La Fusion', but it really doesn't give you any idea of how good all of this ep called 'Great Triangle' is... check it out!

Cro-Magnon - La Fusion


Marc said...

One of my current favourites. Love everything they do.

christopher keyz said...

i totally agree - they are fantastic!!