Monday, August 27, 2007

It's not just Muzik

Kevvy K over at Dilated Choonz reminded me recently of how fantastic Rahaan is, by sending me a link to a set he did on new years eve (Rahaan, that is, not Kevvy K). Basically it rocks, so i went digging for the only record I have by the man which came out on Jiscomusic called Magik/Muzik, two great disco items. 'Magik' is an edit of Sarr Band's 'Magic Mandrake' but you get the flipside 'Muzik' here. Those boys over at Dilated may well have posted this before, they remain one of my favourite blogs, but it goes out to them anyway... and you ofcourse...

Rahaan - Muzik


SoulFunkLifestyles said...

Rahaan. A very good DJ who makes it happen mostly with classics - mostly rarities. Guess I'd call him a DJ's DJ.

SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!

Social Disco Club said...

As always, very nice tracks!
About this one, you dont mention the name to the original theme of "music".
In case you dont know, and for those who wanna know is: MONTREAL SOUND - MUSIC (1976 T.K. Disco).