Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spilt Milk

'Milky Disco', Lo Recordings new Nu Disco compilation is about to drop, early in September in fact. Amongst the tracks you will probably already have are Studio's 'Life's a Beach', White Sorcerer's 'Surfing at Midnight', Daniel Wang's 'Everything Must Fade', The Emperor Machine's 'Front Man' and more. I don't think these guys are really trying to be cutting edge, it's all about smooth, very deep, top notch, Balearic'ish, dubbed out Cosmic'ish Disco electronica, sequenced for memories and maximum enjoyment. Amongst those I have not heard, is an item which gets the blood racing in more ways than one; the new track from Quiet Village called 'Desperate Hours', it's a little bit scary, darkly dubby, nicely numb and captures a few quiet unshared desperate hours which I may or may not have experienced. Actually it's really good and well suited to the compilation which is unquestionably worth dropping some cash on..... check this link to see what else is on it. Personally I'm a little besides myself over The Jersey Devil Social Club track, along with some of the others...

Quiet Village - Desperate Hours

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