Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keep Keepin On!!

If you heard me dj over the last year, you will have heard me drop this in all sorts of venue's, on various nights, even when Disco wasn't called for, it's a feel good party track, which, thanks to a great edit, re-works a fantastic afroesque beat, a hot rhythm guitar and a groovin' bass that comes in and out with real impact... etc. until the track drops in it's full on party mode around the end (ok so thats a nice trick a lot of editors use, but if it works...). The original is Deligation's 'Heartache no 9', in it's form here it's called 'Elton Groove'. The editor is unknown (to me anyway and there no producers name on the centre) and the label is called Rent, they seem to have all of one releases, this good good one. On the flip is another up for it party monster edit of Bunny Sigler's 'By The Way You Dance'.

It looks like we're about to bump over the 100 000 hits mark - I have one thing to say to you all, thankyou!!! lots of exciting things to come - keep hitting A.N.O.E :)

Delegation - Elton Groove

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