Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sad and True

Once again showing my ignorance, I have no idea who the original of this edit/touch up is by, but it's a stunning introspective bit of heartfelt folky mellowness which comes on the flip side of "Under My Dub" on Balearic Biscuit's last outing. Of course the Rolling Stones edit is good fun and a does some serious dancefloor damage, no doubt, which makes it a necessary purchase, but the sweet bonus of this track for life on the b side makes it unmissable. Most stores seem to be out of this, but hunt around u may still find a copy

T.B.H. - It Will Never Dubben Again


CubikArubik said...

Amazing, amazing tune.
Blows me away.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderfull!

If I'm not mistaken, it's 'It Will Never Happen Again' by Tim Hardin...

Greetings from Munich,


christopher keyz said...

hey cubik - yeah me too, loving it madly..

hey Martin thanks for that info - ill hunt it down - very glad to know the original :)

Anonymous said...

12" vinyl in stock here:

Anonymous said...

err not sure why it cut it off. here is the
link .