Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rock, Skate, Stomp & Groove

Past Due, part of the Chi Town based Still Music family re-released Baltimore band DIT's 'Let's Start Dancing' in march this year with a couple of re-edits added in for good measure, one from the ever excellent Rondenion & another from DJ Alex from Tokyo & Kentaro Katoaka. This has it all mixed in; Jazz, Funk, Space Disco and a very catchy rollerskating boogie feel which Alex & Kentaro enhance with a little modern buzzsaw keyboard hook (if you can call it that), which blends right into this classic slice of headz dancefloor action.

DIT - Let's Start Dancin' (DJ Alex From Tokyo & K's Big Bang Re-Edit)


Marc said...

Love this record, played it to death in Manchester.

christopher keyz said...

it's a good one innit?