Saturday, September 22, 2007

There will be more Dancing

V.I.S.A.'s 'I'm A Dancer' is one of those records that turns out to be quiet expensive if you're lucky enough to find it, or atleast the american pressing on Fuschia International certainly is. I should just mention that as with most expensive records, if u dig around in dusty piles you're going to find them and for a lot cheaper than e-bay sellers would have you believe, there are of course certain things you may never find. 'I'm A Dancer' is a great 80's Disco tune that still hasn't quiet left the 70's, it's sweet in flava but has a fair bit of analogue spaceyness going on too. Beat Broker does a lovely job reworking the tune in his 'Lower Haight St Mix' upping the warp factor for your off planet dancing pleasure. The Broker has been doing some fantastic work, check Jaz's recent Press Play mix for the hottest take on 'Body II Body' this side of mars (which is set to get a vinyl release one of these days, oh happy day), also check out his two great releases on Flexx & APT which are currently available through Flexx...

V.I.S.A. - 'I'm A Dancer' (Lower Haight St Mix)

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