Monday, October 22, 2007

52 b's

As u may well be aware, ANOE love's a bit of an edit, ANOE also loves a bit of Hardway Bros ( a rising star on the edit scene). Here the man hooks up with Balearik Soul (there's a mix of his in our Press Play series) and gets busy on the B52's genius 'Planet Claire'. They've done a great job on it too, kinda teasing you with that bit, you know the thrilling wailing bit, giving it the introduction it surely deserves. They've also dropped the vocals, added in some great (very Hardway Bros) beats and some extra fidgety sounds. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll be seeing this all over blogdom in the next few days and hopefully hearing it out on more adventurous floors too.. Hot Lava indeed...

Balaerik Soul Brothers Meet The B52's Uptown

Note: I must apologise for things having been a bit slow around here of late, it's that time of the year where my work just goes crazy busy and as a result I really haven't had all that much time to keep you on your toes... I'm hoping tonight's bumper posts, go some way to make up for it


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