Monday, October 22, 2007

Mellocore to the max

Friend of A.N.O.E., Sub Club DJ and all round top bloke DJ Harri has given us another mix of his, which hasn't seen any internet action. Recorded around March of last year, it' s jammed with delicious classic midtempo Disco House bits. Harri & Domenic are doing Pete Tong's Essential Mix on Saturday 17th November which should be excellent and are also working on a double cd release, along with the Optimo team, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sub Club for Soma (to be released a bit later this year). Yup that's right, 20 yrs!!! Enjoy the mix, care of supreme dj, Harri... the link will be here and under Guest Mixes on the right hand bar.

Harri Mellocore Mix

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