Monday, October 22, 2007

can't afford not to have this

Originally released on Factory Records & a little later on Profile, Manchester based Jazz Funk band 52nd Street's 'Can't Afford' is a killer slice of proto House that was recorded in Strawberry Studio. You can check out a video of the band working on the vocals of the track here. The band became heavily influenced by their short period with Factory records, as their then manager Rob Gretton (you do know who he is right?) & Bernard Sumner had them experimenting with a ton of new synthesisers & sequencers, which would result in 'Cool as Ice', this particular gem however came out in 1984 and was produced by Stephen Morris (yeah him of New Order). You can hear the Arthur Baker influence. Check out the track, I defy you not to wanna play it over and over...

52nd Street - Can't Afford

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