Monday, October 29, 2007

Ghoulish Grooves

Ok before the months out, I've been meaning to up one of the Five20East Halloween themed edits, they're all good fun and include a bunch of pop edits, designed to make your dancefloor go mental. MJ's 'Thriller', The Specials' 'Ghost Town', Alessi Brother's 'Savin' The Day', Japan's 'Ghosts' and more get re-fried for fun on the dancefloor by Ooft, The Revenge & Deportivo Street Team. I've dropped a few of them and had really great responses, ofcourse, these are sure fire hits which will work on the most underground and the most commercial of floors, even ones with sleeping zombies. I wanted to share The Alessi Brothers re-edit from The Revenge (who run's the Ooft blog), cos it's my favourite of the lot, but u can get all of them over at Five20East's site or click here and go directly there..

Alessi Brothers - Savin The Day (The Revenge Flat Top Mix)

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