Thursday, November 01, 2007

Du'ing it...

Once again work is keeping me from my first love, so I'll see if I can dig up a few things for you this evening while I have a few minutes. Mr Balearik Soul started a thread the other day on DJ History about some 80's bands which included A Certain Ratio, one of Factory Records' great bands. Theirs is a fantastic lo Disco, Punk hybrid of sorts, they were kind of over shadowed by the great Joy Division but they were a truly innovative bunch. Here's 'Do the Du' a moody Disco Not Disco classic.

A Certain Ratio - Do The Du


John Zahl said...

classic stuff! for those who dig, also check out tunes:

"Life's a Scream"
"Knife Slits Water"

xxx, JAZ

Steele said...

lets not forget their cover of banbarra's 'shack up'

Tay said...

You neglected to mention how awesomely messed-up the lyrics for this song are. Utterly classic!